Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love notes...

Remember when you first met your sweetie and you would hide little cards or notes for them to find at random points during the day? Or the cute little "have a great day" notes you would slip in your child's lunch box?

When was the last time you left yourself one?

Or better yet, left one for a total stranger?

I was reading spark/virtual friend Heather's blog(who is an amazing class act, by the way!) and she shared a link from the fabulous Caitlin that blew me away.

This is a powerful crusade started by one woman and is catching on like wildfire. (ie: all the cool kids are doing it... since you're reading this, I /know/ you're one of the coolest!)

Join the fight against fat talk, self defeating attitudes, and negative thoughts!

Arm yourself with posty notes and start sharing the love... especially with yourself!

1 comment:

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks for sharing her link, I love this idea and I leave notes all the time. I will have to step up my game now, and leave them in public for others not just those notes I leave for people I love.

Great blog!