Monday, June 8, 2009

I Am Stupendous Woman!

Able to lift heavy grocery bags in a single trip! Wields a chefs knife with surgical precision.

There! In the kitchen! It's a mom! It's Donna Reed!

No, it's Stupendous Woman!


I know, way too much coffee this morning. ;)

Seriously, though that's about how I felt getting ready for work this morning. Yesterday after getting back from the store (Those of you in the general South western part of the US - Sunflower/Newflower Farmers Market. Go there! Now!) I had several bag fulls of produce and other sorts of yummy and good for me items. By that evening, I had it portioned, cooked, chopped or other wise prepped for a week of good eatins.

As I was packing up my cooler for work I realized that, no matter how far I play in the Valley of Yellow & Red Flag Days, especially in the food arena, I'm never more than one shopping trip and one meal away from the Land of the Green Flags.

My parents were visiting at the first of the month, and we enjoyed several meals at the local restaurants - we have some AWESOME places to eat! After they left, I had a few leftovers but not much in the stellar nutritional award range. Then the hubby came home and we went out again... (OMG the mushroom soufflé! The Berry Mousse-y numminess! The wine!) and again... (The Fish & Chips! The Strongbow!) and then there were the leftover brownies and lemonly bundty cakey goodness.

It was fun while it lasted - sort of like a vacation from The Way Things Are. But after the shopping trip yesterday, I had a full body sigh of relief because I was getting back to 'Normal'. Goodies are gone, fridge is cleaned out of the science projects, garbage was taken out, and I have easy access to what I need to make good snackies & meals. There's fruit (my new love: white nectarines!) & veggies galore.

Happy dance!

Now to just get out of the habit for wanting dessert after every. single. meal.


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks for the Monday laugh! I am the same way with the desserts, its a BAD habit to break!

Ok, so they are getting smaller and thats a good thing!

Heather said...

Desserts are bad? No one told me :) I would love me some lemon-y bundt-y goodness! That's my fave hence I splurged on a piece of lemon torte cake yesterday!

I'm glad you are living your best RIGHT NOW! If you need a reality check, you know where to find me :)

Lady Rois said...

Heather - Desserts aren't bad... just not a good thing 2 times a day every day. ;)

And OMG if you have a Trader Joe's in your neck of the woods, try their lemon pound cake.

Add Strawberries.

Whip up some real cream into frothy happiness.

Die and go straight to heaven.