Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Today's one of those days that has the lingering threat of being a Craptastic type day. I can't quite explain it, but it's like it's just sitting there, waiting for me stumble and do the nose dive into "meh... cloudy/rainy day... meh..."

But yet, it's also a day of, "Dang! Life is GOOD!" I got up and had a fantastic walk (best. time. ever.*) and then did the ab kickin' Day 4 Bootcamp video, had a couple of 'awake dreams' of my possible future, got a surprise kitten snuggle this morning during my quiet time on the balcony, and just bit into an amazing apple that brought back memories of fall festivals and some of the summer camping trips my parents & I used to take (random yet totally related concepts. ;)

Sometimes you have to take a break from the 10,000 foot view of your goals and dreams to step up close and really enjoy the individual moments... after reading MTER67's blog about leaving Okinawa after it being home for 3 years made me realize that there is comfort in the details that we take for granted. It's really a 'stop and at least _see_ the roses' kind of day... you never know what you might miss!

*As a side note, I've decided that, with my Big Goals between now and August 1, I'm going to step out in faith and kick it up a notch. Yes, I have my goal poster up, I have my affirmations and my workout schedule. But it's time to take that next step - really planning and setting up the expectations in my mind of what I want to achieve.

Example: I added some specific goal oriented affirmations to my list that are specific to the things I'm working towards. "I am reaching my goal of 20% body fat and 150 pounds by August 1, 2009."

Then Trainer T. reminded me of setting specific training goals for each session, so I gave it a shot last night. I told myself last night before going to sleep and this morning before I walked out of the door that I would do my 'usual' loop around the park (which is a little over a mile) in 15 min, 30 seconds. My /normal/ time is about 17-ish minutes, which is pretty respectable since it includes warm up & cool down time.

My time this morning: 15:40!

Whoo hoo!!! I followed it up with some core work (thanks Coach Nicole!) and hit the showers.

It's the power of intention. It's the power of programming the mind to help the body achieve it's goals. It's the willingness to do whatever it takes to reach my goals.

Whatever it is... it's sheer power!

Off to take over the world... brb. ;)

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