Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm a woman on a mission...

with a plan and a vision.

That was my battle cry when I first started with Mary Kay. I heard it from several of the successful, fired up, awesome ladies at the top of the company so I figured if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me.

Honestly, I didn't quite understand it. But it made those butterflies in my belly flutter, so I figured that was a good thing.

And I am saying it now with my belly all a flutter again. The difference this time is that I get it.

I understand the power of having a vision of where you want to go and the person you want to be when you get there. I understand the urgency that having goals with a deadline creates. I see the value in writing down my plan, reviewing it often and revising when needed to keep me focused, on track and always moving forward. I also see the beauty of always planning for bigger and better things.

Speaking of writing things down - I was looking at my goal poster this morning (What? It's posted on my mirror. Isn't yours? You _do_ have a goal poster, right?) and realized that my monthly goals are sorely out of date. Time to pull that bad boy out and update it!

So here's what's on the books for June and then looking into July.

June: Boot Camp!
My beautiful friend RAMONAZF is getting back into the exercise game by going back to the basics and doing the New You Bootcamp series and I'm joining her. Honestly I've been floundering a bit after the Sick hit and re-learning what it means to build my fitness level back up. I fought it and got frustrated, now I'm just hanging back, trying something new, and as my buddy Tom V says, "Being brilliant with the basics."

I'm sticking mainly with cardio and adding in the SP boot camp videos to learn new stuff that I can use later on. It's basic, it's uncomplicated, it's fun. That's all I need.

July: Hawt Camp!
Next month I'm gettin' back to the iron! The callouses on my hands are softening and I'm only vaguely remembering the annoyance of fighting for a weight bench. My musckles are still there, but not quite as prominent. I miss the sweat therapy that only comes from lifting really heavy things and I'm determined that, by Labour Day, I'll be workin' my purple striped bikini!

Lighten UP!
After all the angstiness that I've been going through of late, and havin' a 'Come to Veruca' talk (similar to a 'Come to Jesus' talk, only with cookies) I've been making a point of having fun. I lost touch with those small moments that brought me joy and I'm bringing them back into my life. I've also decided that I need to limit myself to only 1-2 rant-y type posts a week. I can still write it out so I have material for weeks when I don't have my rant on, but I was focusing way too much on the storm clouds brewing all around me instead of the rainbows they produced.

There's opportunities for learning and growth everywhere, I just don't need to be so cranky about it.

Scale holiday!
My other beautiful friend, MOCOHOLO, decided that her scale was going on holiday without her till July 1... and not wanting her scale to be lonely, I decided to send mine with it.

You see, 99.9% of the time, I'm at a highly evolved head space where I can use the scale as a tool to give me one measure of how I am doing. It's a number. It has no bearing on anything other than feed back of how my body is responding to the stimulus I'm throwing at it.

Right now is that 0.1% where the scale takes on a personality and dicates what my mood will be.
I hope they have a lovely trip trip together and send postcards!

And finally... Focus Focus Focus
I am currently 1/2 way through chapter 17 of 33 in my PT certification book. In about 6 weeks, there's a training seminar in Phoenix, and I want to be at or near the end of the book stuff before I go. So it means getting back into the nightly habit of at least 30-minutes of study time.

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