Friday, June 12, 2009

I totally get it now!

I had a light bulb moment... and had to share.

The whole 'eat more, silly' concept scares people. A lot. And it boggled my mind.

When people are given a calorie range of, say, 1500-2000 calories, they flip! I couldn't figure out why, but now I do.

I hear people say all the time (usually in a VERY dramatic tone), "I couldn't POSSIBLY eat that much!" I couldn't figure it, out because in my mind, that's sooo easy to do.

Or my confusion when I'm in the lunch room and people stare at my hugemongous plate of food, dumbfounded how I could even _remotely_ lose weight.

But NOW I get it!

I read this article and the answer was staring me in the face

I mean, look at the difference! Take the 'eggs & toast' meal - the amount of food on the homemade omelette plate is HUGE! While the restaurant portion is dinky.

(I know, I promised not to get rant-y too often, but I just gotta!)

It's all about the portion distortion and lack of awareness/acknowledgement of what we're /really/ eating!

Think about it... most of us, before embarking on our health journey could go to IHOP and snarf down that 900 calorie omelette without even blinking... and don't forget the extras that aren't shown: the pancakes, hash browns and some sort of bacon or sausagey goodness. That's what, a conservative 1500 calories?

In one meal.

With who knows what additives.

And then you have the full and bloaty but starving feeling 4 hours later. Then you have lunch from Taco Bell because you're out and about... then dinner... and now you're well over 3000 calories and sacked out on the couch. (not that *I* have ever done that... lol!!!)

But when you're faced with the same amount of calories in a high quality, nutritionally dense form, the physical amount of food doubles! In some cases, triples!

No WONDER people can't wrap their minds around eating that many calories! The sheer amount of quality food involved makes you THINK you're eating WAY more than you really are! Yeah, it's nice once in a while to have a day where you just don't track, you just enjoy... but when that's a rarity, you realize just how little it takes to add up to what you'd normally eat in a day when you have the real 'good stuff'.

Their Royal Highness's, Princess Veruca and Princess Stevie, do declare this day:

Get over it! Eat more, silly!


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