Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Motivation: It's all a mindset

Came across these two little gems on teh ebil facebooks this morning and figured the theme of the day had already established itself. Very timely for me as I'm feeling more controlled by my circumstances and dissatisfaction than I should be.

These are just good reminders that it's all a mindset, it's all how you look at things.

Happiness is a choice.

Choosing happiness (or joy, or gratitude, or any other positive outlook) doesn't mean that everything is going 100% hunky dory. It means that you're choosing to look above your current life circumstance, and be positive despite it.

Remember: life circumstances are temporary, unstable, and will change with the wind. You have the choice to make your attitude equally unstable, or to make it a solid foundation to grow on.

From 2 Meal Mike:
As Bruce Lee once said "Be happy, but never satisfied.".

You don't need six pack abs to be happy right now...but letting yourself go isn't going to help either.

You don't need a 400lb squat or to be able to do 10 pullups to be happy right now...but progressing in strength is rewarding in itself.

There is no real destination in health and fitness. Your lifestyle changes. The world changes. Buildings rise and fall. Nothing stays consistent forever.

The journey is the reward however. How you live each day matters.
If you want to change the world, first "be the change" as Ghandi said.

Simple sayings...but hugely important to understand.

So be happy right now. There is no other time. Unhappiness stems from looking to the past in regret or worry for the future.

You have no control of either, only in what you choose to do right now.

Set your sights to do something great one small action at a time. Real success is the sum of all those small daily actions.

Enjoy each step as you go.

Be awesome today in your own way! Be in the things that matter.

Repeat for a lifetime.