Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yeah...this will be an interesting week and need to get back on track. The couple days off have gotten me a bit distracted... not completely derailed, mind you, just going to have to kick it up several notches to get refocused again. It's amazing to me how old habits are so easy to slip back into when you're not... what was that phrase I've heard before... oh yeah, IN CONTROL!

Going on auto pilot is not a good thing and even when I don't do *too* bad in general, it definitely shows up on the scale later on...

Oh, and learned an important lesson - beer good... beer in the afternoon, very bad for my mood. Either I need to not have it, or keep drinking enough so the buzz continues till I got to bed. ;) Otherwise, I get sooooo cranky. meh.

I just really need to give myself an attitude adjustment, but feel like my positive vibe got burned out last week - aka Veruca & her big sister both are tired and grumpy and needs a bit of rest before we kick it in again. But I think I'll treat them to a nice stroll over to the rose garden at lunch time... no pressure, no power walking, just enjoying the day and the scenery. Yes, I think that will be loverly...

Just a brief update - went for the walk, rose garden was closed (doh!) but I did enjoy the time outside. Have just been out of sorts all day and then 2 thoughts hit me: The first is "that which we resist, persists"

Basically, there's been lots of stuff going on and instead of kicking back, enjoying it, trying to fit exercise in where I can etc., I've been focusing on what I *can't* do and getting annoyed about it. Yes, I had a great stride the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life happens. So instead of getting really annoyed and focusing on that part, resisting the change or down time, and not really enjoying the time I get to spend with my honey, I need to make peace with it, do the best I can, and get to work after he leaves for his next trip...

The second thought is, "Anyone can be positive when things are going well."

Yeah, kind of self explanatory. If it were smooth sailing all the way, what am I really going to learn? Not a lot... It's those darn F.O.G. times (F-ing Opportunities for Growth) that really prove a person's worth, and increases the one's inner strength. So, things aren't going my way right now... so what?!

I'm not going to let inconvenience derail me.

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