Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That's it...

I'm going to stop bringing my lunch to work. This is the _3rd_ day in a row I've gotten lunch offers that I can't refuse. And tomorrow is a lunch meeting. blah.

But again, I had things planned out and did a quick recalc and will only be marginally outside my calories for the day.

I was bummed I didn't get in a little extra workout last night - my honey is so cute, but such a dork and forgot a lot of stuff they needed for their presentation so had to drive it to him in rush hour traffic. That killed over an hour and I really needed dinner by the time I got home. So tonight I *have* to get that workout in.


Edit/Update: I loves the Internets. It's such a wealth of info that the healthy-type person can plan their meals accordingly. I decided that tomorrow I'm going to not eat at the meeting, and will eat the lunch that I brought for today. I realize that tomorrow is my higher calorie day, but after looking at Jason's Deli's page, there's no way.

The info that the web site had on the wraps that we usually have catered - very very tasty ones - made me go o_O. None of them are less than 500 calories (even the light one) or under 2,000 mg of sodium. *sigh*

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