Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Not sure what's worse: the disease, or paying for the cure.

Between my co-pay and the prescription, it's $100 to take care of this sinus issue... ok, I guess it's an infection since I have a prescription for antibiotics. HOpefully these won't make me sick like the last one did... In fact she'd just written me a prescription for what I had last time and I told her I couldn't take it - made me dizzy and nauseus, must make note of it to make sure I don't get that again.

On the upside, my NP did hook me up with lots of samples for allergy stuff, so that will help later on.

I was so annoyed/upset about the cost of things that I was soooo tempted to grab a pizza & coke at the mini-pizza hut at Target, but I resisited. I'm having my lean cuisine pizza instead. Although I still want the coke. Darn that aversion to artificial sweetners!

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