Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Lazy day...

ahhh... the best laid plans of mice & (wo)men. I had so many plans to get up, be really active, productive, etc., but here it is, almost 11:30 and I just got showered & dressed.

Oh well... the good news is that I'm finally feeling back to my old self. Wait, my *new* old self who is active & healthy. Doesn't mean I bounded out of bed to do a 3 mile walk. But one who knows she's going to Oregano's for dinner with a friend and is busy perusing the menu to be sure to make healthy choices [side note: darn this SP mind set... Oregano's, like Claim Jumper, doesn't have any nutritional info on their web site... makes one cranky and *know* that means they have something to hide.. especially with a lot of their dishes having the words 'huge' 'smothered' and 'cream sauce' in the description... erg.]

I spent about an hour getting my quicken stuff up to date (note to self, do that more often than every 3 months... oops). and officially have little money to spend on groceries today, but I'll be making my list, checking it... a few times, and scouring the ads to save money and get healthy stuffs for lunches & dinner for this week.

One thing from the last week that I've come to realize is that my body really is changing. Some of it's for good, some of it not so much. After 2 beers this weekend (just 2... and they weren't that big!) I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. I *know* it's not good for me, and it really effects the scale when I have a drink. More importantly, because I'm not used to it anymore, or at least don't have it as much as I used to, it really kicks my CFS/Fibro into gear. I couldn't quite figure out why I felt so icky and worn out... and that's about the only thing that I did *really* differently last week - the alcohol. Yes, eating different did it too, but that was a big contributor.

So now it's a matter of thinking 'is this drink worth feeling crappy for the next 2-3 days?' Sometimes the answer will be yes (like during war in a couple weeks) but most times it will be no. *sigh*

Oh, I also made a decision... I got a renewal thing from Bally's for $99 for the year. I hemmed, I hawed, I waffled, but then decided that 1) my health is worth $99, even if I use it 1 time a week (it works out to $8 a month, which is $2 a week), and 2) I really want to get back to using an elliptical trainer, and while I would love one in my house, there's no room, and I can't get a good one for $99. So I have it on my calendar to do it after I get back from the event so I have a wee bit of money built up for it. Yay

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