Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting better all the time.

So the antibiotics are getting into my system, my sinuses have decided to give in a little, and now I has the runny nose. It's a good thing but still is annoying.

I did get up and do my work out this morning- it was a rather low-key participation on my end, and my friend already gave me the mom finger shake of not exercising while sick, but whatever... :P I'm still working on my endurance... granted the work out kicked my butt still, but it was a good feeling.

One thing that I'm I'm still struggling with is minimizing the post-work out 'malaise'... Being hypothryoid I have some of the fibromyalgia symptoms, and having mild chronic fatigue, exercise isn't always the best thing - sometimes it can make things worse. I still remember signing up with a personal trainer before I really knew about all this. After 1 work out with him, I was off for the next week because I literally couldn't move. It wasn't the 'good sore', it was the 'arms and legs full of lead and literally have no strength'. I was lucky to make it to work the 2 days afterwards. After trying to explain to the trainer that I couldn't do as much as he was pushing for, and him all but saying I was just being a weenie, I cancelled the workouts with him.

I watch things like the Biggest Loser and the workouts they do, and have mixed feelings - there's a big part of me that want's to do even 1/2 of what they do, but there's the part of me that would be ready to quit before starting because I know how horrible I'd feel after.

Basically, there's a fine line between challenging one-self and pushing too far, and unfortunately the line moves around so you don't know until it's too late. But I'm working with it - I know I have more energy in the morning so that's when it's best for me to do my more 'intense' workouts (ie-vigerous walk, low impact areobics, etc.) and, if I'm up to it, doing yoga or pilates a couple times a week at night when I get home from work. I can't do 2 sessions of areobics in a day, or 2 long-ish walks in a day, but I'm learning my limits and working to nudge that very fine line a little further and further out.

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