Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cranky Wednesday

Sooo tired - had a huuuuge moving truck show up outside the house at 11 last night to move my new neighbor in to the place next door. Really stinks because I was *almost* asleep when I heard the *crash* of the trucks gate going down and the person's car alarm going off... then the banging around which sounded like it was in *my* living room. Freaked me out a little bit. My friend is only allowing me to be grumpy about it for the next 2 hours, and being really tired because of it, I may take the full time! LOL! And I told my honey I'd be grumpy for him so he could have a good day and make lots of sales! :)

Ever have those days when you just *want* to be grumpy? About that kind of day for me.

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