Thursday, April 2, 2009

You know it's a lifestyle when...

someone else has to point out your successes and achievements.

I was discussing different things with my awesome trainer guy last night and the conversation got around to weight - I was in a gym... go fig! :) He was complementing me on how far I'd come strength wise and has noticed a lot of physical changes over the last couple of months. He asked how much I weighed when I started and where I was now.

"You realize you've shed OVER 40 pounds? 30 of that in the last year?"


Really?! WOW! YAY ME!!!!

Then he made a comment that /really/ floored me... "that's how I know you'll keep going and will keep it off... It's part of who you are - it's like breathing, you don't think about it, you just do it."

Double YAY!

Then I proceeded to almost kick him in the head. I'm so glad he has quick reflexes. :)

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