Monday, April 6, 2009

Update and by request...

Here's the pic I sent to my hubby to get his opinion on one of the shirts. (camera phones definitely have their uses! LOL!)

Not my usual style, but kinda fun and definitely shows off all the hard work...

Speaking of which, here's the update on my measurements from last month to this month:

Chest- under armpits: 3/1:38" 4/5: 36.75" -1.25
Waist 1 - 4" above belly button: 3/1:34", 4/5:33" -1
Waist 2 - at belly button: 3/1:37", 4/5: 36 -1
Hips - 5" below belly button: 3/1:40.5, 4/5: 39.25 -1.25 (no wonder the pants are falling off me!!)
Inner thigh - 10" above knee cap: 3/1:22.5, 4/5: 22 -.5
Calf - 4" below knee cap: 3/1:14.5, 4/5: 14.25 - .25 (yay for musckly calves!!!)
Bicep - 4" from elbow bend... this is the fun one!
UNflexed: 3/1:11.75, 4/5:10.5 -1.25
FLEXED: 3/1:11, 4/5: 11.25 +.25!!!

Weight in Pounds: 3/1: 166.4, 4/6: 161.6 -4.8

Body fat... well, this is where the frustration level comes in. Depending on how I measure it, I've _gained_ .5# of muscle (which is awesome during a calorie deficit) or I've _lost_ 1.5# of muscle (which I don't have to tell anyone is very bad.)

I /know/ I'm eating enough (no, I'm not logging my food, but I haven't been hungry, I get lots of protein, and keep my portions on the large size of reasonable... the scale and measurements are consistently moving down and my strength training is kickin' butt (aka I'm lifting heavy and often!).

So what do I take from this? Not a darn thing. LOL!!!

Knowing that my body will do what it wants, I'm going to continue what I'm doing food wise - maybe add in a wee bit more for good measure - and exercise wise (and will be adding cardio back in this week for 2 days), and will check in around the 15th to see if I need to do any course corrections.

Most likely, it will be a cycle - Body fat goes down one month, the measurements stay nearly the same. The next month a huge drop in measurements but BF stays the same...

Gotta love the guessing games!

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