Friday, April 24, 2009

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a sign.

I passed by a store this morning on my way to work that seemed to be in the midst of remodeling. The sign was covered up and replaced with a hand painted board that simply read: "Be prepared to be amazed!"

My first thought was, "Holy Cr@p! What a cool sign!"

My /second/ thought was, "Bring it."

Pardon me while I wax a bit cliche/pop culture for a bit... but like the State Farm commercials, I'm there.

I started out 2009 by proclaiming to life, the universe and everything that I was ready to get comfortable with discomfort. Well, the universe has over-delivered. The workshop that we went to last weekend was like the culmination of that proclamation and really solidified a lot of things in my mind. I feel like everything that I have been through in my life has brought me to this point and I'm moderately freaking out about it, but I'm prepared (or at least preparing) to be amazed.

Let me back up a bit. Now that I've had a few days to get back into my routine and for the information to gel I think I can speak a little more rationally than I could have on when I got back. When you combine the day after travel tired jet lag with super mental mind cleansing overloaded info, and sprinkle in the disappointment of having to put my hubby back on a plane in a day after being able to spend 10 days /in a row/ with him... I was in a MOOD. My tolerance level was non-exist ant and was ready to rip people's heads of because they didn't "Get it".

I'm much better now. :)

Back to the weekend. The workshop itself was 99% motivation/self development, and 1% about using what was taught and applying it towards your business (because we were, after all, there on business). The biggest topic that was focused on: FEAR.

Prior to the weekend I've been listening to several podcasts/books/reading whatever I can get my hands on, and re-reading/listening to things I hadn't given a thought to in years, and the biggest topic most of them have been focused on: FEAR.

I didn't think I had intentionally sought this topic out, but the message blew into my life like one of those cosmic category 5 hurricanes. You see, I'd been asking the question of what "It" was that made the difference for me in this particular journey, what made me turn the corner from "want to lose weight and get in shape... no, really, I do" to where I am now. I realize now it all came from a foundation that was laid years ago and recently re-discovered. That discovery was made the day I made a decision. It wasn't a loud, pageant filled decision that I shouted from every mountain top, there was no cavernous line drawn in the sand. It was quiet and uneventful by most standards, but it made all the difference.

You see, the important decisions you make in life aren't the ones you make public and ask for input from everyone under the sun, and then think about gettin' ready to get started. It's the quiet commitments you make to your dreams and vow never to stop until that dream is fulfilled... That is what will alter the course of your life forever.

Most people are too filled with fear to make those commitments to themselves. Most people have opened themselves up at different points in their lives, shared their dreams with the wrong people, and have been ridiculed, laughed at, belittled, or otherwise told they couldn't do it. Most people never get over that. Their foundation of self confidence has been shattered and the idea of rebuilding it is to overwhelming, so they continue accepting less than their hearts desire and call it good. Most people find it hard enough to belive in other people that they can't even imagine finding a shread of belief in themselves.

"A single limiting belief will keep you from reaching your dreams." The amazing Tom Venuto said that during an interview and it literally stopped me in my tracks. It's so simple and so powerful, but yet so difficult to get past.

So again, going back to this weekend, I all came together for me: It doesn't matter what you are working toward, what the biggest, most powerful dream of your heart is - something as simple as building a habit of exercise and healthy eating to maintain an ideal weight, or as big as competing in a fitness/figure competition (GO FITGIRL15!!!), climing a mountain, starting a business, digging yourself out of debt - the way you achieve that dream is all the same! You have to move past your fear and doubt, build the foundation of self confidence, and work through past hurts (leave them behind you because they don't deserve any more of your energy), and step into the life you deserve!

When your dream is big enough and exciting enough, the indecision falls away. The "should I go to the gym today?" And the "should I have the cake or not?" becomes less of an issue. You do what you need to do to fulfill your dream, to reach your goal, to be keep that commitment to yourself.

I won't lie to you - it will be hard work. By making a commitment to yourself to make YOUR dream come true, you will have to be a different person. You can't solve a problem, or create change, by staying the same. But with faith, with focus, with consistent action, you can achieve anything. You may not see progress today, or tomorrow, or even next month, but it will happen as long as YOU believe it.

Prepare to be amazed!

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