Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another shameless plug

This email is from Jonathan Roche, founder of Momentum Fitness System and trainer extrordinaie... One of the things that really made me decide to become a trainer was reading his emails and listening to his show on blogtalkradio.com - his encouragement and amazing attitude proved to me that you don't have to stand on people to get them healthy. Positive support and empowerment are the key, and I hope one day to be half as effective at he is.

This year he's running in the Boston Marathon and raising funds for the Dana Farber Institute. There's a link to his sponsor page in the following email if you feel inclined to donate.

I've already sent mine in.


Hello Team,

I will be doing my 13th straight Boston Marathon on Monday, April
20th as a member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Team (my 14th straight overall). I am writing to request your assistance with my
goal of trying to raise $10,000 for Cancer Research and Treatment.

If you can't donate, then honestly don't worry about it and please see the bottom of this post on how I would be honored to run in memory or in support of your family or friends who have fought or continue to fight cancer.

I am running this year's marathon once again for my Patient Partner Drew. Drew and I have been together throughout my 13 years with the
team. Drew is a cancer survivor who won his battle with Leukemia (when he was 13) and is now a healthy 26 year old. He is an amazing young man and he will be meeting me at mile 25 to finish the last 1.2 miles with me again this year. It is a special tradition that he and I share and the 1.2 miles is my most enjoyable run of the year - it is beyond special and is really a celebration of him beating cancer and the powerful work being done at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

As some of you know, my older brother Chris was diagnosed with a rare form of nose cancer 5 years ago. Fortunately it was discovered early, the cancer was removed in a series of 18 surgeries and he is now focusing on re-constructive surgeries and is cancer-free.
His positive attitude is a glowing example of understanding what life is truly about and the power of never giving up. He means the world to me and I will be running for him and all the other cancer survivors and patients.

My mother was treated at Dana-Farber 25 years ago and they helped her fight her lung cancer and supported her during her most difficult hours. She lost her battle with cancer at the young age of 48, but her spirit lives on and I run for Dana-Farber (and Breakthrough Health & Fitness donates 5% of our profits to the organization) in memory of her. I will be thinking of her and the guts and determination she showed battling cancer as I battle through the marathon. She was a special person and an amazing Mom.

Although I will surely be pushed to my absolute limits again this year during the marathon, I know that my battle will be easy compared to the struggles that patients at Dana-Farber have experienced. I consider the fact that I am physically able to run a marathon to be a true gift. I am hoping that with your help we can help people who have gone and are going through some very challenging times.

• To sponsor me, log into the following Dana-Farber web site to make a quick online donation:


• You can also send a check made out to "Dana-Farber Cancer Institute" to:
Breakthrough Health & Fitness, Inc.
12303 Airport Way, Suite 200
Broomfield, CO. 80021

• Please keep in mind that 100% of every dollar goes directly to cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber and is tax-free (they will mail you a receipt). Also, please keep in mind that every dollar helps and every dollar is much appreciated.

• As I did last year, I will be adding the names of people I am running for to my marathon shirt. It would honestly be my honor to do that.

• Please send an e-mail with the title "Boston Marathon" to
membersupport@breakthroughhf.com and include your friend or family members name so that I can run in support of or in memory of that person.

• Please note that I will not be able to respond to each message (last year I think I had over 200 names on my shirt), but you have my word that your friend or family members name will definitely be added.

I am honored to be doing the Boston Marathon once again to support
this amazing cause. With your help, my efforts can go much further
than the end of the grueling marathon course. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE

Thanks for your time, your consideration and for your support of my efforts. I appreciate it more than I can express in words.

Take care.
Jonathan - aka "Your Biggest Fan"

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