Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peaks & Valleys

Some days you feel on top of the world, other days you feel like the world is on top of you.

Today's one of those days. There's no particular reason - ok, there is /one/ reason and she's every woman's favorite Aunt. But overall life is going along pretty well, just feeling... meh. ("Meh" being the summation of feeling emotional, tired, cranky, sore, crampy, and otherwise unwilling to really deal with anything at this particular time.)

Why am I sharing this? Not to get sympathy, not to get encouragement, not to make people fear that I'm walking away from all this and throwing in the towel to my goals.

Quite the contrary. I'm sharing this because, even though life isn't all kittens and roses at the moment - ok, I have the kittens but that's beside the point LOL! - it doesn't mean that my goals are any less important. It doesn't mean the reason I'm working towards those goals are any less pertinent. To me, just because my mood is a bit down it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop.

I really wanted to share because I've been so overwhelmed (in a good way, so maybe humbled is a better word for it) by the amazing people that have come into my life: People who have served to inspire and energize me so I can pay that energy forward. And there are amazing people who look to me to inspire them. So it's for those folks that I'm really sharing this...

Just because I seem to have 'it' figured out, it doesn't mean that life magically goes my way every day. Some days are easier than others, and some are more challenging. I know now that those challenging days are the tests that I need to go through to ensure that the goal I'm working towards is worth it - that *I* am worth it.

I was listening to a CD this morning that brought up the fact that inside of everyone there is constantly a fight going on: The battle to prove if you are worthy of success.

I truly believe that everyone is worthy of success, and that everyone has a dream that is worth achieving. The days when life happens, when the battle seems to be the fiercest, is when your belief in your self and your dedication to making that dream a reality is tested the most. And that is the time that you are closest to a major breakthrough.

And that is the time most people stop.

Even though life is throwing a storm at me, I know that it will pass. I know that the time I've taken to build a foundation of confidence in myself and my dreams will help me weather any storm that life throws at me and make me stronger when it passes.

And I know you can do the same!

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