Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Notes from the gym

To my endorphins : you are awesome! Thanks so much for kicking in and helping me soar through the last set of killer lunges and not letting my carb depleted brain get the best of me.

To the nice gentleman in the weight area: Doode. I appreciate being checked out - it's definitely a confidence booster - but seriously, can you not make it so obvious you're looking at my cleavage? I'm doing frackin' dead lifts. I HAVE to keep my chest out.

To the lovely lady I met in the weight room: YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!! Doin' my happy skinny dance for you!!! I saw her herself, walk away, then rush back to weigh again. I thought she was discouraged, but then she's said, "I have officially lost _90_ pounds!" I squeed, applauded and did a happy dance for her, and proceeded to share the news with the other ladies who gave her a HUGE ovation! (it was huge for the 4 of us in there!)

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