Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Answers & Dream Building

I have to say that yesterday proved beyond a doubt that confession really is good for the soul.

After writing out my whining, I starting to feel better, as if releasing the problem frees up the mind for other things. I ended up having an amazing conversation with a co-worker who asked me a few health type questions - as an aside, I was floored /she/ asked /me/ since she has an amazing physique and works at it daily with her nutrition and fitness. In the middle of the conversation she stopped me mid-sentence to ask if I was a motivational speaker on the side. I laughed. She repeated the question.


Then I went to fighter practice last night. I didn't want to, but I made a promise and I wanted to keep my word. Yeah... wow... aside from the fantastic compliments and "WOW! I didn't recognize you..." or "Was wondering who the hot new girl was!" (not sure how to take the last one... lol!) I had one person rush up and start out by saying "I'm so glad you're here! I have a ton of questions - here's what I'm doing but how do I tweak this this and this?" Then had another person stop in to ask /their/ question about their diet.

THIS is what happens when you double dog dare the universe to be more specific on the direction you should take with your life. They put the ClueX4 away and pull out the ClueZooka.

That all being said, for all the answers I got, it brought up more questions. I am putting it all on the line and opening myself up to ask for help.

I have decided that I am going to pursue something the health/wellness/fitness/nutrition arena. I have been concentrating my efforts on studying my PT materials nightly in preparation for a seminar in July and taking the test then or within 2 weeks of that date.

But beyond that, I'm stuck.

My hubby gets so frustrated with me because I can see so much in other people, and help them focus their vision, develop /their/ dreams, and recognize /their/ potential, but when it comes to myself I have blinders on.

The workshop we went to focused on dream building - our homework is to DREAM BIG! Create the huge 2-5 year goal! And I want to... I really want to, but when I start, my brain shuts down. "Who am *I* to think I can do /that/?!" Or "Someone else is already doing it really well, so why should I do it?" It took me forever to set a goal more that 1 week out, let alone share it with anyone... now I'm supposed to find that dream that I hid away forever and let it grow?! YIKE!

Sound familiar to anyone? Talk about limiting beliefs!!! Talk about Fear and negative self talk!

Since I can't see the potential in myself (read: I am scared of the potential inside of me), I will open it up to all of you to tell me what YOU see in ME.

Here's my humble request to anyone reading this: If it's your first time or 100th time reading about my life, what's the first thing that pops into your mind? What do you see me doing? What direction do you see me going with my life? If you met me and talked to me for 5 minutes, what would _you_ hope I would be doing?

Remember, I'm asking for BIG ideas! BIG dreams!

(Just keep them clean and encouraging ;)

Thanks in advance for your input!!

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Sensacola said...

Darlin, you are everyone else's energizer bunny...but who is yours?

Here's an estimate of the number of people on this planet: 6,776,733,268

Know what that means? It means that the 'one person' you is doing something well already, ain't going to cut it! So put on your big girl panties, get your hiney out the door, and do it! I decrees it! Hehe :D

When you sit quietly, close your eyes, and imagine your perfect day, what do you see? Pretend that no one else does it, and you are the only person who can do it that way (because you are. Whatever you do, if you do it truthfully and with your whole heart, no one will do it quite like you. Others may see it, and try, but they won't come close because it isn't their true self.

When I close my eyes, my vision is quite distinct and clear in my mind. I wake up without an alarm clock, have a nice easy breakfast with the family, send them off to their respective duties, and then meander over to my healing space. Once there I see clients, hold lectures and spiritual retreats, and life moves along nicely. Sure, bumps will happen but that doesn't matter because this is what I see as the perfect day not the realistic day. But if I don't put out the perfect day how can I expect the Universe to even come close? I know they'll eventually provide the backdrop and will throw in lessons and challenges when I'm ready for them.

Don't make me start to hum that 'Gotta have faith' song missy, I don't like it ;)