Tuesday, April 7, 2009

That's what I get for thinkin...

that it was gonna be easy.

Last night I did the first workout from the New Rules of Lifting for Women book.

I thought, "/only/ 5 exercises?! /only/ 10-12 reps of each?! Piece of cake!"

25 minutes later, with sweat pouring down my face and legs & arms feeling like jell-o, I stood corrected.

Daaaang. Sometimes easy isn't.

BUT I did 10 push ups with the smith bar at the lowest point it could go (so about 1 foot off the floor...) that's darn close to doing a full push up on the floor! AND my seated row got up to 85 pounds!

::happy dance::

I was worried I wouldn't get much out of the workout but I'm definitely feeling it today. It's not my usual round-robin that is fun, and great for endurance, but this one has the potential to be great for increasing definition. (Just /maybe/ I can have arms as nice as my hubby's ;)

Tonight I do cardio! Not much, just enough to get me back in the swing of things.

On a side note, I'm moderately freaking out about this trip coming up... I know I do best on a set eating schedule, but not only will I be in a totally different time zone, I won't have access to a fridge or kitchen. Must stock up on protein bars, mixed nuts, and maybe hit a grocery store when we get there for some fruit & veggie type things...

I also need to calm down about it because while it's a working vacation, it's still a vacation.

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