Friday, April 3, 2009

Comfort and a throwdown challenge.

In one of my groups, we're taking this month to look at different aspects of our lives, to address how we got to where we are now, and how to fix some of those issues. The first few days were about discussing comfort foods and one of the ladies brought up a good point. What is 'comfort'? For her, there really wasn't any "comfort", there was really a lot of discomfort through guilt and anger.

I did the typical thing and looked up synonyms for it and the few that stood out: soothe, calm, and placate.

A lot of times when we hear the phrase "comfort food" it brings up images of happy warm hugs, kittens, puppies and rainbows... something that makes us feel safe, secure and loved.

But it doesn't always mean that... One of the synonyms is placate - to pacify.

I know for me in moments of stress/emotional eating, I don't want a happy warm squishy hug, I just want... something, anything else I can focus on besides what ever it is I'm going through. Something that, however briefly, would numb the emotional connection and give me moment of pleasure, or at least distraction. Something that will fill a void and keeps me from facing reality at that moment. It happened earlier this week and while I /thought/ I was ready to face reality, apparently I was wrong. Or maybe it brought up a different kind of comfort. I had faced reality, now it was time to take action.

So maybe the question could be asked a different way - when you are going though moments of stress and find yourself in a fit of emotional eating, what do you turn to first/crave? Is there a some sort of memory that you attach to that particular food or is just a habitual/easy go-to food?

Now for the throw down... actually this is my personal throw down challenge, issued by my fabu hubby. We've finally settled on and made plans for a trip in a couple of weeks that will be a workshop/mentoring session primarily for him, but I'll be able to attend the session. He told me to quit my whining and b$&%*ing and go get new clothes that actually fit me.

Alright, he didn't say it like that - he was really diplomatic about it, but he's right (yes, ladies, I said it... my hubby was RIGHT! And I said it public!) I have been complaining and whining about how my clothes don't fit me any more, but not doing a darn thing about it. What he doesn't know is that I'd already been worrying/dreading the trip because I knew I'd have to wear clothes that didn't fit me well and weren't as flattering as they could be.

But, as you all know, I HATE HATE HATE shopping!!!

::breathing into a paper bag::

Yes, I am thrilled with the changes that my body is going through, I love the way I'm looking, yes I want to dress in a way that flatters and emphasizes those changes and my sparkling personality.


So, my plan -

1) start looking at shopping as an adventure, and write some affirmations that support that.
2) Go early in the day when I still feel 'thin' and have energy.
3) Enlist help! There are sales people in stores, and some of them may actually have some ability to help me find something that works for ME, not for the emaciated looking mannequin in super trendy clothes on display.
4) Not look at the prices. I have a budget, but I need to not let the cost of something dictate my interest in trying it on.

Pray for me! :)

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