Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spoils of war...


Well, I did it. I mustered up my courage and headed out to the wilds known as JC Penny's... And actually had decent success.

I ended up with 2 pairs of pants (Size 12 thankyouverymuch!) and 3 tops... 2 of the tops I'm not quite sold on but at the same time, they're a departure from my standards and I need to liven it up a bit... besides, they were having a ganga sale and if they can be considered 'trendy', I didn't spend a whole lot on them to begin with...

all said, I spent 1 hr and about $80 on the adventure!

Yay me!

The really funny thing is that after it was all said and done, I had the worst craving for ice cream! I think it was partly the emotional surge that it was over, the stress I'd felt going into it was huge, but turned out to be a decent experience so I sort of wanted to celebrate. So I came home, had my cottage cheesy tuna w/baby carrots (ice cream it isn't that's for sure!) and let the craving pass.

Side note on cravings - was listening to a podcast with the awesome Tom V and his comment was "hunger isn't an emergency"... so when the "OMGMUSTHAVEICECREAM/CHOCOLATE/CHIPS" feeling hits, it usually has an urgency to it. We mistake it for real hunger but really, true hunger isn't urgent like a craving is... unless you've been 12+ hours without food, but that's a different story. So the time a craving hits, procrastinate - we all know how to do that. LOL! -and see if the urgency passes

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