Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testy Thursday...

Apparently I can't have a week without a cranky day... Usually it's Wednesday's, but this week it's on Thursday. Whee for me!

Actually, I'm not really in that bad of a mood, just easily annoyed, and I blame my sinuses...

Woke up this morning all snuffy and the area around my right eye feeling like I was punched. (I'm really happy that the weather is nice and all that, but ready for the AZ winter again!) It's a special kind of fun, but I'm really grateful that for the most part I'm rather healthy. By this point I would be at the doctor begging for antibiotics for my full blown sinus infection. ::knocks on wood:: I'm not close to that yet.

Anywho, my testy moment when I realized I had to exercise a LOT of restraint and firmly clamp down the brain/mouth filter before I sounded like one of Those People. One of the departments had their monthly celebrate every March B-day meeting. The word then went out that the goodies were moved into an office and feel free to have some. I was feeling peckish and grabbed my smoothie supplies but poked my nose in the office just to see what there was...

Hokey Smokes! Cookies, cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, donuts and bagels! My out loud voice almost chirped up to condemn the consumption of all the crap. Why on /earth/ would anyone want all that?! There's no nutritional value anywhere! Expect a blood sugar crash in 3, 2, 1. Blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, really wanted to be one of Those People. The person who used to eat like that but has seen the light and is holier than thou. The one that says that there's no place for anything other than 100% nutritious food in anyone's eating plan.

Luckily the urge passed. (Well, I'm still tempted to ridicule the store bought cinnamon rolls because, well, they're just icky. LOL!) But really, who wants to hear that? I'm more than happy to get on my high horse about eating better and all the benefits that come from eating food that has ingredients you can identify without a science degree... but to anyone that really doesn't care, or isn't in the same place as me, I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.

About 5 minutes later I had a co-worker comment about how good I looked, how much weight had I lost, etc... she asked me honestly what I was doing and I gave her some info, we chatted, all was good. I kept my preaching to myself, tried to be as Rah-Rah-You can totally do it! encouraging as possible, and went on my merry way.

I did mention to her that I was studying to be a personal trainer and her face lit up... so that gave me even more encouragement that I was on the right path and to get my snuffy nose to the grind stone and plow through a few chapters this month.

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Sensacola said...

I have to laugh... I really do... because this post came from the same woman telling me to booze it up while cleaning tonight.... who emailed me a recipe for stout cake! Hehe. There's always room for a little bit of sugary love... just have to do it in moderation...really big moderation ;)

Lady Rois said...

LOL! Allow me to quote my response to a friend who left a comment on this blog on SparkPeople:

"As for avoiding the treats, it's really not that difficult for me to anymore. There's somethings I'll indulge in, but regular, every day, store bought stuff? No thanks. Now, super tasty home made stuff?! Or stuff from Nadines? Or from Beyond bread? All over it, baby. A girl has to have her priorities. ;)"

DaleK said...

Hi, Just clicked on your Spark signature blog link in the BFFM group.

Once upon a time I lived on those pink marshmallow/coconut covered hostess cupcake things. I think they call them Snowballs. After not having them for two years, WOW those things are AWFUL! They taste like chemicals!!! Yet I kept eating it waiting for it to taste good like it used to!

It's really amazing how your pallet changes. I like Kashi 7 Grain Crackers. I had to buy a Kellog's brand of something (supposedly) similar once.

The only similarities were the calories/fat/carbs/fiber. All I could taste was salt. And sweet oddly. They must have had some HFC in them. Whole grain (the commercial definition of processed and regurgitated into something they can legally call whole but isn't) plus a bunch of sugar and sodium does not equal healthy in my book! And come to think of it I think Kashi might be owned by Kellogs?

It's funny because I'll be at a website or blog where they show pictures of ideas for healthy foods that I LOVE and half the comments are along the lines of what we are saying about the store bought stuff!

Though store bought alcohol is still yummy!! And I buy the cheap stuff! ;) OH and those Cadbury Creme Eggs. If they didn't have 200 calories for one stupid egg I'd eat them non stop!

Lady Rois said...

Dale - thanks so much for the comment!! And I hear ya. I had oreos a few weeks ago because I was so craving them. I got the small package from the vending machine, had one bite and gave the rest away because it just wasn't what I remembered.

My palette has definitely changed, that's for sure... luckily a rum & coke still hits the spot. ;)