Monday, March 9, 2009


Thy name is "Drop Sets"

I should not be allowed to make my workout plan the night that I'm really tired and cranky. And I shouldn't be allowed to think, "Sure, that's totally do-able" when reviewing said plan at 5:30 am, before coffee, before food, and still half asleep.

(I did get a wee bit to eat before heading off for my tortu..eerrrr... fabulous workout, BTW)

For those not familiar with them (I wasn't) drop sets are when, on your last set, you do as many repetitions as you can at one weight, then drop the weight down to bang out a few more, then drop the weight even more to pound out another round. Basically you burn out your muscles by making them keep working past when you *think* you're fatigued.

I was smart enough to limit this mornings workout to 5 exercises but hokey smokes were my legs wobbly when I was done. That was when I realized the error of my ways... I was at the /beginning/ of my day, not the end... and I would still be needing to use my legs for the next, oh, 12+ hours.


::knocks on wood::

So far so good. I'm hoping that the fact that it was early and couldn't do near as much as I normally would at night will help keep the big soreness at bay.

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