Friday, March 6, 2009

Curiouser and Couriouser...

I'm nearly at the point of giving up on trying to figure out my body. This is the first week of the whole letting go/minimal tracking/cutting back experiment and I'm not sure how I feel about it, because there's a whole slew of factors that went on this week to consider:

- No dedicated cardio. After tonight, I'll have done 3 strength training routines that definitely get my heart rate up, but I did no walking/running/biking/anything this week.

- I logged my food 1 day this week, otherwise I just followed my usual eating plan. I was a bit hungrier this week than I'm used to, but the times I could identify 'real' hunger (rather than 'Me... snackish'), I ate something. Also I knew on Wed and this weekend I'd be 'refueling' so didn't stress too much.

- I was very mindful of my starch intake. I noticed this week that having regular potatoes or bread at lunch didn't bother me, but at night it felt like I had a rock in my belly and felt bloaty. Having something like sweet potatoes or carrots didn't bother me later in the day.

- I did very loose carb cycling. I focused on having a bit less on M,T, Th, F, and more on Wed when I knew I'd be using it with the trainer.

- I had lots more veggies (hit at least 5 every day, most days more) and more salad this week.

- AF left town around Tuesday. :P

My results:

- Scale went down 1%!! Doode! (I know I said I'd wait till the 15th, but old habits are really, really hard to break... I *DID* resist the urge to do a body fat measurement!)

- I 'feel' smaller - I can really see it in my face and also I can start see more definition mostly in my torso, but other areas too.

- with no cardio, I feel like I'm losing my endurance... but we'll see tomorrow.

- body really, really likes veggies for the, uh, fiber aspect. :)

So yeah, I'm excited, I understand why body builders are so mindful of carb intake, but then again, my body has a love/hate relationship with it, especially starchy ones - times it's like "Yay! Carbs! Throw it on the fire!!" Other times it's "Whoo hoo! Nice, comfy, carby goodness, set it over here with the rest of the pillows."

I'm taking this week as a 'results not typical' week... but glad to see some positive changes in my body.

Next week will be more of the same, but adding in one day of cardio. We shall see how it goes!

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