Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If pain is my rain...

I'm about to go through a /major/ growth spurt.

The title is a phrase my hubby has been using a lot... pain, struggle, strife, they're all trials to go through for amazing self growth to feed the success that's ahead of me, etc.

Right now, it feels like a total line... but it's also the week where cr@p is hitting the fan right and left.

My usual MO is to totally freak out, want to go to unreasonable extremes which makes me want to instantly rebel against everything, then I'll shut down for a bit and eventually get back to a reasonable middle ground.

This process usually takes a couple of days to go through, but so far it's only taken a few hours to move into the numb stage, so that, in it's warped way, is promising. And the nice thing is that I've got my session with the trainer to work out the last bit of angsty stress.

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