Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not another motivational post…

I've been having a weird form of writers block of late. There's been the usual, 'not sure what to write about', or 'don't feel like it'. That I can handle. It's annoying but expected because, really, even the most brilliant people have off days.

This particular block is different. The ideas are sitting there, staring at me, taunting me, double dog daring me to put them into words, but that's it. They are just… sitting there.

They're not doing the happy monkey dance of purpose that I'm used to. No direction, no nothing other than the idea.

Fine… I usually don't like writing with out a purpose, but I've already had my discomfort level tested and pushed this week, what's one more thing? I even asked my hubby for help with this, which is a big thing for me! Here's what's been bouncing around my brain:

Fear & Procrastination
Negative Thoughts

That's the Trifecta of success and failure, no? I mean, you have to overcome the first two to achieve the third, and with out the latter, the first two will stop you faster than you can say "Bob's yer uncle".

My self-proclaimed mission for this year is to be UN-comfortable in 2009. Well, I was reminded of the ever popular saying: Be careful what you wish for.

I got it. And it made me even crankier than I already was.

Why? Because I was afraid. Because it filled me with self doubt. Because I lost confidence.

Most importantly, it made me uncomfortable. I was forced out of my comfort zone into unfamiliar territory.

I was forced to grow… You know how much that stinks?

But that's really what IT is about, isn't it? You know, the big IT! The IT that we're all looking for: It's facing that fear, and doing it anyway.

Last night I was trying to distance myself from things but still figure out what bothered me and why it's /so/ hard to find the inner strength, to break out of the comfort zone, to charge forward - consequences be damned, and just get started?!

It hit me: When you get started, you have to keep going. And when you keep going, you have to be accountable for your actions. When you're accountable for your actions, there's so much more responsibility associated with each action. Basically, people (myself included) want it all with no responsibility. It's human nature to want the path of least resistance. And that path is usually involves something that's outside of us. Someone else's motivation, plans, goals, agendas. Someone else's limited vision.

That may help to get you started, but to keep moving forward you need to find that thing inside of you that will keep you going - your Why.
Confident people create change. The most important change they create is in the space between their ears. Most people are afraid to turn their gaze inward for _fear_ of what they might find, beacuse the biggest fear most people have is what is lurking in their own minds. There is absolutely nothing to fear, because all you will find is love! It may be buried under a few layers of doubt, and negative thoughts, but it's there.

Fear, procrastination, & negative thoughts all undermine our confidence, and they are all figments and manifestations of our mind. They are the little voices that say "No you can't do that, No don't join that business you will go broke, you're always meant to be fat, you will never make it…. etc, etc, ad nausium..."

To become confidant & successful in life, we must face & fight our fear with Faith! Faith in a simple word… YES. Yes I can do it, YES I can be successful, YES I AM WORTH IT! To find your inner confidence, you must replace those negative thoughts, the fears that creep in, with many positive, self affirming thoughts & words.

It takes work. A lot of work. It means making a conscious choice of how you will treat yourself, and consciously choosing to approach life PROactively rather than REactively. It means constantly being present in the moment, not letting yourself go on auto pilot, not letting distractions promote your procrastination.

It may mean digging up and reliving some of the pain, the failure, the rejection you've already experienced. It means embracing it and being grateful that you can use it to make you stronger, and in turn help someone going through something similar.

It is the choices & decisions we make today that will predict our future! Starting small with positive baby steps will give you the confidence to be accountable to yourself and develop personal responsibility for your actions. The words we tell ourselves today are the seeds of our harvest; whatever we sow, so it is we shall reap.

Believe in yourself, and accept the wondrous gifts you have been given!

Say YES to your Dreams, Say YES To Yourself.

WE BELIEVE IN YOU. GO for it!...

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