Monday, March 30, 2009

The sweet irony...

Yes, that's a muffin next to the Atkins book.

I know! Me, of all people having a muffin! LOL!

Ok, seriously, I ordered the book from the library as part of the planning for the Art of War: Know thy enemy.

That's a joke... sort of.

But not really.

For some reason this Diet (aka a short term eating plan that's only sustainable by .01% of the population) has persisted in sticking around and I wanted to know why... and I also wanted to be able to speak intelligently when people defended their bacon and cheese lunch and/or ask why it's not working for them. I'm trying to keep an open mind while reading this book, and loose basic principles are nutritionally sound (get protein at every meal, eat your veggies, get enough fiber, and go for nutrient dense food over fast food) I gotta say - the first chapter made me want to throw it across the room (Fight sugar cravings with VEAL(?!) Seriously?!).

Anywho, back here on Earth, I had an interesting weekend. The Monkey Mind was running rampant but I was able to focus it a little bit at a time.

I got some cleaning done around the house - mostly dusting and a little decluttering after being tired of dusting all the little things we have. I decided that I need to dust more often (aka, more often than never!) due to my allergies and also need to vacuum/swiffer as well... so it's on my calendar to dust one week, and vaccum the next. Not as much as some would do, but it's a better plan that I had.

I also got a bit of writing done for myself, and one of my groups. There are many changes going on with it, and I wanted to get as much of a handle and focus on it as I could early on...

Making the decision to be part of this Mental Cleanse has been very interesting - I find myself not only trying to keep myself positive and encouraging others, but also am finding that I'm making ripples in an otherwise calm pond. I mentioned last week that a co-worker called me 'passionately pi$$y'... that sort of bothered me but then I realized that I was speaking out against other people being snarky. For that *I* was being considered pi$$y...

To which I now say, "Thank you!"

I've also observed some changes in people around me... Once I got serious about my health, I stopped talking about it and started just doing it. Now that the results from my efforts are showing, people are asking questions. I tend to be a little... passionate, but have been working on keeping myself dialed down a few notches and offering information when people ask... excluding the whole "don't make me cram chicken down your throat" discussion of a gentleman who is doing P90X, not eating any protein, and barely eating 1,200 calories... a story for another time.

Lately I've been hearing people make comments about the little changes they're doing... I actually heard someone say, "You know, I finally realized I didn't have to eat the entire bowl of ice cream!"

Lead by example.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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