Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So here I am... I desperately need a new wedding band because the "old" (being on the finger for less than a year) is too big and keeps sliding around. This wonderful ring was given to me by the love of my life, is beautiful and has taken up residence on the right hand (still flopping around, but not near as much as on the left), leaving the left hand nekkid and people are starting to ask things like, 'So... how are you doing... /really/?'

At the same time, my iPod decided to give up the ghost. I've had it for at least 4 years, and has been my companion to many, many places, and accompanied me on several trips, helped me sleep, and gotten me through many a grueling morning work out, several runs and general enjoyable times outdoors.

So... say I have $250, do I:

go to Tiffany's and get a simple yet spiffy ring to carry me over till I we find the set that we really, really want? (seriously, they have rings for under $5bajillion dollars! even under $500! Nice ones, too. I know, I was shocked! I thought all I could get was corn cob holders for that. ;)


b) new iPod?

Yeah, guess which won out...

my hubby rocks! And now I can rock out again, too!

ps. For the record, I'm so _not_ a Tiffany's type person... really. No... really. :)

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