Friday, March 20, 2009

In theory...

I'm less than 10 pounds away from being 'healthy'! LOL!!!

Ok, I think I'm healthy regardless of my weight, but according to the BMI calculator I'm less than 10 pounds away from a 'healthy' BMI...

Now, there's the usual shtick about how it's not an accurate reflection of my total body composition. At the same time, it's cool to see it corresponding with my overall health and changes I've made.

Also 'in theory', I've added 2# of muscle and lost 5# of fat since 3/1... As I've said, I've had very conflicting results with measuring things, but at the moment I'm looking at the overall changes - the weight on the scale is slowly but steadily dropping, the body fat measurements are also dropping (meaning I'm keeping/building muscle), the actual body measurements are getting smaller... everyone's on the same page for once. :)

In update from earlier this week, I found my limits, ignored them, and got reprimanded for it.

In a 24 hour period, I got 2 hours of intense exercise and burned way over 1,000 calories (even more if you count the "after burn" of doing HIIT and weights). While I have my thyroid under control and haven't had issues with my adrenal fatigue in a while, things like this tend to give my endocrine system a total pounding. On top of it, the emotional toll of some of the stuff that hit this week knocked me down another few notches. (I'm thinking the word 'shredded' sums it up nicely ;)

Looks like another 'active rest' weekend ahead of me.

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