Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teh dumb... it's catching!

Apparently I'm in the cranky, dumb and clumsy portion of recovery... just goes to show what almost a week of not eating near enough will do to the body. This morning I had to clean the kitchen floor 3 times after spilling my water, dropping the container of cheese, and an egg; my bathroom counter and make up compact after dropping the latter; and the table outside after spilling my tea.

It then took me 3 tries to log into my computer at work because I just couldn't type. (I am sooo grateful for spell check - darn it for not working on passwords!)

I should have stayed in bed.

Then the cranky hit. BIG time. Because apparently Teh Dumb is contagious. And it's all centered around weight loss.

In my little SparkWorld I saw a blog proudly proclaiming how the person was creating a huge deficit in their calories - like 1500 calories a day, only leaving about 800-900 calories for the body to sustain itself - to lose close to 3 pounds in a week.

Then 2 cubes away was a convo about one person who's exercising an hour a day and eating 300 calories, "For now, to get to my goal weight and then will start eating healthy to maintain." This was closely followed by a raving success story of someone who went on a DIET of 700 calories a day and lost a ton of weight. Then the third person chimed in how they're going to do this cleanse fast stuff for the next 2 weeks that's GUARANTEED to help her lose at least 15 pounds.

These are intelligent people having these conversations! People who have gone to college, raised families, hold down jobs, etc. Yet when it comes to losing weight, the desire for it to be gone NOW is greater than engaging a speck of common sense.

At this point I got up and left the building.

I made a promise to myself and my hubby that I wouldn't offer advice or input or yell at people unless they 1) asked and/or 2) were paying me.

I'm a wee bit calmer now... not much, but a bit. I went for a walk for some forced distance and I started to realise that, in this world of instant gratification, over whelming dramatic changes, and quick fixes, most people don't want to hear that it takes work, that it takes dedication, and that hard work is a huge reward in itself. When I get asked what I'm doing to lose weight, most folks don't believe me - I'm doing it on my own, but I have a lot of help!

I'm doing the exact opposite of what 95-97% of the rest of the world: It's quiet, undercoat, and apparently not interesting enough to learn about - eating enough real food, moving till I sweat, lifting and putting down heavy things, getting to know myself and my personal motives, feeding my brain with positive messages, and surrounding myself with success minded people.

It's not that I've lost touch with the struggles I've gone through, the changes I've made in my life, etc. It's more the fact that the closer I get to my goal, the more value I see in the journey I've made, and the less tolerance I have for the quick fix. If I had gone that route, I would be a different person today, and one that would most likely be repeating the same cycle over and over again, wondering how to stop.

I really do what to help people, which is why (as soon as my brain returns from it's brief hiatus) I'm going to work my tush off and get my certification done so I CAN get paid to help the folks who want it. :)

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Sensacola said...

I'm proud of you for getting up and walking away woobs! That takes a lot some times. I felt like doing that to myself this morning lol :P