Monday, May 25, 2009

Attack of the squishy...

If there was ever a time to be proven that nutrition plays a huge role in the way your body looks and feels, it's today.

This past week has been an interesting challenge of getting back into the game, so to speak - rebuilding my muscular and cardio endurance back up. Both made me realize how quickly you can lose your 'fitness' level and what it takes to build it back up. I was huffing & puffing through a 20 min cardio workout one day, then my muscles feeling weak and shakey at lifting 1/2 the weight I had done a few weeks prior.

It wasn't a good day to be me, that's for sure.

Today's workout was much better - luckily I had some stuff to work out with sweat therapy so that helped me push through the last couple of reps and finish out on the treadmill.

Through it all, I've been back to my 'regular' eating plan and felt a ton better... except for this weekend. I'll admit that I've slacked a bit, especially in the liquid area - it's so nice to sit and have a beer with the hubby, or drinks with friends, and I indulged more than I usually do, but not near what I used to.

Oy, and the food fest at my friends last night. The hubby and I were both post-Thanksgiving-dinner-with-two-helpings
-of-pie stuffed!

And all of this is showing up all over my body. My tummy is bloaty, everything is soft and squishy instead of the slight firmness that I'd been used to... just not fun. And it really was overnight that it happened... or at least over 2 nights.

Yes, you can achieve a great body through focused exercise, but if you don't have tight nutrition to match your efforts, you're only getting a small portion of the results you deserve.

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