Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Been better...

but I've also been a lot worse.

The problem with getting sick isn't the actual being sick - that's easy. The body goes on auto pilot to preserve itself and does what it needs and you're usually too wiped out to care.

It's the recovery part that really stinks. I mean, you go from feeling great, to feeling like total poo, to somewhere in between, and that's where I'm at today. The good news is that I'm up, I'm dressed and I'm at work. And I already need a nap! LOL!

My bestest friends of late have been Emergen-C, Sprite, Oatmeal and Ramen noodles (just the noodles with broth - need some extra sodium to rehydrate me). Yay for easy to digest and gentle on the system carbs! The down side is I feel like I have no energy to sustain any sort of activity.

But I know this too shall pass. I'm allowing for plenty of rest, working my way up to 'real food' again, and then there will be no stoppin' me!

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