Thursday, May 14, 2009

The day after...

Yesterday was such an amazingly dynamic day and I have all of the fabu Sparky-type people to thank for that! You all rock and I feel sooo loved!

It was also emotionally draining! Luckily it was only partially due to the sparky-type stuff... LOL! I definitely got hit with the 'oh cr@p! now people are watching... look busy!' feeling, but there has also been a lot of stuff going on at home that contributed to it as well...

Basically, the hubby & I allowed the Drama Llama's to invade and it stole about 2 days of our lives that we'll never get back.

But for all the ups and downs yesterday, it solidified in my mind a lot of things about my future. It wasn't really one particular thing, but the mood of the day, and I realized that, if I was committed to achieving my dream, it was time to make an uncomfortable decision.

No, I'm not leaving my husband OR SparkPeople! LOL!

Basically I decided it was time to get a job. Or at least get a part time one.

I knew this time was coming for financial reasons, but in reality, how the heck am I going to be a trainer, coach and mentor in the health & wellness field if I haven't ever worked in it?

The thing that's been holding me back is the usual thing: Fear. What if I don't like it? What if they don't like me (like that would happen! HA!)?

But even bigger is the fact that my hubby and I have conflicting goals of sorts - his goal is to find an avenue of income that allows him to spend more time at home with me. Mine goal, by it's nature, will require me to spend more time away from home.

Then I got this in an email:

"Establish priorities. This is difficult for most of us to practice because it takes discipline, but it is the heartbeat of success. In setting your goals, be sure to count the costs. Oftentimes you will have to forget some things in pursuit of your goal. You must decide where to put your values. Your success depends on how well you plan the game of priorities." -Mary Kay Ash

That Mary Kay is so dang smart!

Short term sacrifice, long term gain.

Tonight will be spent doing the following:
1) Studying so I can get my certification
2) Goal setting
3) figuring out what to say to the hiring person that will show my confidence and vision that knock their socks off so they'd be silly if they didn't hire me.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk with a friend's trainer to get some input and ideas and also to see what the environment there is, and if she'd be someone I'd consider a mentor.

Time to take a leap out in faith and get my future started.

(I knew I'd find a perfect place for this pic one day!)

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