Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Run called...

...on account of being a girl.

Now, before you get on me about saying 'girls can't run'... lemme 'esplain. I've recently grown to love running. I used to think it was something you only needed to do when some evil monster or rabid wild animal was chasing you, but really, it can be kind of fun.

Unless you're me. And it's today.

I had a Fantastic! workout yesterday - got in much needed sweat therapy before doing yet another round of cleaning/decluttering.

Today, the combo of the squishy & fluid retention made it rough going and I realized early on that running duing the last couple of intervals was out of the question.

Then the pain hit. See... it's a whole lot closer to 'that time' than I realized. (sorta explains the 'meh' from last week, too.) About 20 min in, the crampies started - won't go into detail, but it pretty much stopped me in my tracks for a couple minutes. It also earned me a few curious and concerned stares from people in the park. (the good and bad of having a route that I use a lot... get to see a lot of the same people and their puppies in the morning.) I managed to get myself home and down a bottle of ibuprophen pretty quickly (kidding... was only about 5-6 in there. LOL!)

So yeah... hopefully all will be back to normal and I can have another great workout tomorrow!

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