Monday, May 18, 2009

Green light!

After yesterday's reality check, I took some time to figure out what the heck I'm doing and where I'm going. There's a LOT going on in my life right now, tons of "seeds" are being planted, lots of potential, lots of opportunities for growth, lots of change on the wind and lots of opportunities for me to want to run around the room screaming and/or having a total meltdown from feeling overwhelmed with how it's actually going to happen.

Oh yeah, and in the midst of it, I'm closing in on my weight goal and have been second guessing my methods and approach.


Now that I have all that out of the way, I can easily look at it and say "Whaaaatevveeerrrr!" As my awesome friend said on my previous SP blog post, "You know what to do. Get over it." Ok, so I added that last part, but know she would have said it if she had the guts. Hee hee. ;)

What I mean by second guessing my methods, I've been plugging away at doing weights & HIIT cardio, eating well and seeing obviously seeing the results from it... then I got caught up in the 'what worked for the first 20, 30, 40 pounds may not work for the last 10-15.

Cue the dance of indecision and second guessing... complete with jazz hands.

Then I got the reality check I needed to bring me down to earth:

PHITNPHAT "I would just eat very clean, work very hard in the gym, lift heavy and see what you look like when you hit your goal. Then decide if you want lean out a little more so you can some weight back to build more muscle. Most people it takes a few years to get where they want to be and they improve a little more every year. I've been working on it for five years and still not where I want to be. :) But, the wait is worth it and the work is fun."

It just reinforces what I know to be true, and what I keep telling everyone else, yet just haven't quite internalized it myself: Success is a 2-5 year process. It doesn't matter if you're building a business or building a healthy life. Know why you're doing it, keep setting the goals, put in the time and do the work.

Besides, just because I want to be at my goal weight by a certain date, doesn't mean that the world is going to stop when that happens... at least I certainly hope it doesn't! That's my initial goal weight, and chances are, my physique won't look the way I want it to, and I'll approach it from a different angle at that time.

For me, there's no "maintenance" phase. Yes, I will 'maintain' the body weight that I have worked to achieve. However it doesn't mean I will just coast along after I've hit the magic number. It does mean finding a new goal to focus on - perhaps a new sport or some sort of fitness goal to go with my life style of health.

I know that all of my internalizing and short term thinking is tied to what's going on in my life. There's a lot of big stuff on the horizon and it's freaking me out to look at it. When I look at the floor at my toes, it's not so scary, but that's not where dreams grow into amazing lives. That doesn't help anyone, especially not myself.

My head is lifted and my sights are set on the next few miles. I know what's on the horizon waiting for me, and it's time to continue moving towards it.


Sensacola said...

There's a reason that I'm not focusing on my weight goal but on my fitness avoid that freak out about the scale (we aren't friends right now). I know I freaked out when I couldn't meet week one of my schedule to get to my goal, but it was a very good reality check instead. The goal is still there, but modified. Also... if you know darn well that something is working, how dare you question the PTB that put the proof in your nonfitting clothes that you now fall out of? Hmm? Do you want a cluezooka upside the head dear? I mean honestly!

Heather said...

Goals are a result of dieting & when I finally realized that this was a lifestyle instead then that other stuff didnt matter. The scale is only a gauge but it's got flaws too. It's not going to tell you what muscle you've gained over the years (my current duh moment) & will never accurately assess how you FEEL.

Feel good about YOU & the rest will follow.

ps..LOVED your comment on the blog today! I literally busted out laughing about the 2 cookies!