Friday, May 8, 2009

Long short week!

So here it is, almost the end of the work day on Friday and I feel like I'm just now getting started with the week!

Dang the sick messes with everything!

And while I'm feeling loads better (even went for a stroll this morning!) I know that if I even attempt to jump back into my routine I'll get my behind handed to me... so next week is going to be about easing back into things so I can kick it the following week.

Can I tell you how much I despise the recovery process?!

I'm glad that the clumsy & cranky portion have passed me by... yesterday was just not a fun day to be me and caused a near melt down. The mood has improved, gravity is working normally again, and life is generally easier to deal with...

Which is why I'm gonna be silly and go shopping for some new 'unmentionables' after work. ;)

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