Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Feeling a lot better today... went home, had dinner, did minimal stuff around the house, watched Henry V (*sigh* so want the clothes) and pretty much passed out by 9. Still coulda used more sleep, BUT I managed to drag my sorry butt out of bed to do the workout thingy I'd recorded. OMG I'm outta shape! I did the 10 min of warm up/cardio, and didn't go overboard on that, but was pooped... I did a little bit of the ab stuff, and even that was a struggle. ::giggle:: but I forget how much fun it is to exercise around cats... especially kittens. At least I didn't kick them, but almost rolled over on one of them while he was playing with my shoe lace, then the string on my pants. silly kittens.

THe good news is 1) I did it! and 2) I'm looking at it like a challange- instead of 'I'm too out of shape and can't do it so why bother', it's more like 'I'm sooo not gonna let a silly thing like a sit up defeat me'. So there!

Besides, after stepping on the scale this morning, not exercising is *not* an option... need to get it back down into one-derland again and keep it moving down.

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