Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Dread Captian White Russian

ooh, my honey is the bestest... met me at the door with a nummy (potent!) drink last night, let me vent all over the place about my frustrating day, made dinner, and was an all around sweetie.

Only thing was me being totally insecure last night... we were getting... 'snuggly' and I just kept feeling and seeing the mounds of fat all over the place and felt all icky. Like "why would he even find me *remotely* attractive?!" I don't get it. I appreciate it, but don't get it. While it did make me want to curl up and do the whole "don't touch my hideousness", I also felt more determined to get myself in shape so I don't feel like I'd crush him or like a beached whale.

A lady in one of my teams has the best signature line: My body is too sexy to be covered by all this fat

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