Friday, October 19, 2007

Danger, Will Robinson!(tm)

Ya know... I knew it would happen, I worried it would happen, then I slipped down that slope going "how did that happen?"

But it's not *too* bad... yet.

Basically my brain (most likely was Veruca) went, 'It's Friday! I'm excited about the low numbers on the scale! Cool! now we can ease up/goof off! Oh! And the honey is home so we can eat nummy (aka bad) food with him!'

And it's been a constant battle all day. I did stop by the bakery to get some nummy pasteries for breakfast tomorrow, and some cookies which I promptly gave away. And the plan is - whatever is left over of the pasteries goes with him on his trip or into work to be given away on Monday.

Then we went to Rocco's for lunch - had the salad/slice lunch deal and we split the slice, so that's not *horrible*, and even though I wanted a cookie, I didn't get one... And needed coffee, but resisted adding an extra flavored creamer...

Think the problem is I'm feeling all satisfied/full from lunch and feeling like 'oh well, there goes the heathly eating and the drop in the scale... yadayadayada...' Basically beating myself up for no reason.

So I'm forgiving myself the indulgence; I didn't over do it and was able to enjoy the time with my honey. The downward trend WILL continue, so I'm puttin' my big girl panties and dealing with it.

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