Thursday, October 4, 2007

Did I pass the test yet?!

Oy! What a challenging day... lunch went ok - I stuck with my plan of what i was going to eat and feel pretty good... still haven't finished my snackies but that's ok since I'm over on my calories for the day anyway. But then I got a call that they needed even *more* loan documentation and I had an internal fit worrying that they're going to say "ummm... nevermind" with the refinancing. If that's the case, we're SOL.

Lots of phone tag ensued.

All this time I'm looking at the popcorn ball one of my boss folks brought me thinking "OMG want it!" but haven't given in... luckily my Honey stopped by to get the documents needed and I gave it to him. Only to find some almond M & M's sitting on my desk. WTF!?!

High stress/emo + lots of not so good snackies = BIG TEST... erg... am I passing yet?

Trying to remind Vercua that stress burns more calories than ice cream... she's not entirely convinced. :/

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