Sunday, October 14, 2007

happy day to me...

Has been a good day so far... I managed to sleep in a little, too, despite the Honey's alarm going off at 6 am o_O. I talked to him a bit at that point then, despite the kittens protests, I fell back asleep.

The weather has been beeeuuutiful, and it's been a wonderful low key day (except for the trip to costco... what *was* I thinking?!) While I wish my honey was here to enjoy it with me, it's sorta nice to have this time by myself, ya know? Still want to do a little around the house but think I"m gonna take time to read and then maybe journal a little... was thinking of writing myself a note for next year saying how proud I am of myself for the stuff I"m going to accomplish. It's easy to focus on where I am and how far I have to go on many things, but it's good to look at the positive steps I've taken no matter what. :)


Update: figured out how to actually send an email to myself at a future date... you can do an e-card through Hallmark or one of those and set the delivery date to whenever you want. And there's a site that you can type up the email and have it sent up to 12/31/2036... so I"m gonna write myself a letter! I think I'll use both and just in case one of them is down for whatever reason. :)

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