Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So I caved last night... sort of. We were out shopping, I was hungry, my honey was using my b-day as a "I want to take you out and do special stuff since I won't be here for your b-day" opportunity. So we went to claim jumper. ::hangs head:: There is *nothing* tiny in that place! Andy they don't have nutritional info available, probably because they don't want people to see how badly they're *really* eating! LOL!!! Heck, even though we sat in a 'small' 2-person booth (by their standards), it was actually a normal resturaunt sized booth.

I actually didn't do horribly. I didn't get a nummy beverage that I wanted, and I opted for the chicken quesadilla appetizer and had 1/2 of it, but then he got Mud Pie for dessert (complete with candles). 75% of it is still in the freezer, but OMG nummy.

So all in all I guess it wasn't *too* bad, but since it takes about a day for things to show up on the scale, I need to be dilligent today. I sooo wanna at least see Onderland by my b-day on Sunday. And guess I need to have a little sit down with the honey to explain why it's important to *me* to stay on track and while occasional indulgences are ok, right now isn't the best timing.

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