Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So we've been doing the cleanse thing for a couple weeks now, and I've also started taking the acidopholos, but it seems like my tummy issues have been getting worse, and feeling mildly flu-like of late. Seems like around 5-ish, my tummy starts getting very bloated and uncomfortable, a couple of times I've had pain similar to my gallstones, but since I don't have a gallbladder, I know it's not that. Then during the day I have been having a slightly 'splodie belly.

I've noticed the last few days that I've been having that fever-but-chilled feeling. Like I was comfy in the house, but the slightest breeze made me all shivery in a not so comfy way... and my temp over about 5 days has been between 96.4-96.8 which could be normal, but also could be way low... not sure. I emailed my Naturopath about it, and I know when I was looking at the possiblity of having hypothyroid, that's one of the symptoms. Also thinking it could be a slight IBS thing... need to start with the yoga/meditation/relaxing thing again... actually both the Honey & I need to do that.

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