Friday, May 25, 2007

Much better

Amazing what a 3 hour nap and sleeping all night will do for your general outlook and well being. Totally felt like I had a touch of the flu yesterday - tummy issues, felt like I had a fever, that kind of thing. Luckily the kittens were there to help sleep me, and after a little tossing & turning, and putting a movie, I was out like a light. Felt tons better when I woke up, and had a lovely evening out with friends... had a little beer, but my tummy only moderately thrilled about it.

Anywho, with the whole cranky tiredness yesterday, I was sooo close to saying f--- all y'all about the whole FAM/Natural BC stuff. I was so frustrated, annoyed and confused by the one book I want/ed to give up. I mean, it presented things like 'it's so easy a mOnkey can do it!' I was like 'hello! I'm a mOnkey, and I can't figure out WTF you're talking about.' I'm really concerned about how wonky my cycles are going to be for a while so how am I supposed to keep track, know when I'm fertile or not, and that whole thing. So yeah... frustrated and wanting an easy fix. I'd found a FAM/NFP group on Yahoo (go figure) and felt a little better after reading some of the archive stuff, but again annoyed that it'd been a couple days and my post still hadn't been approved. ::grumble grumble::

But then I napped, I had a chance to talk with the Honey about some of my concerns and he's being understanding about it... then this morning I got 2 awesome emails in response to the posts I'd make, and am feeling a lot more comfortable with stuff in general. I'm going to talk with my doctor's office to see if they do any courses on FAM so I can ask questions, and fill in any gaps. If they don't there's another option - Reed's Compounding Pharmacy has someone who is certified in that, so yay for plan B. And I just need to relax. It'll get easier, I know. It's the whole time/learning curve/etc. thing.

Also have a list-o-things to do this weekend. Was gonna go through the whole house and do a massive decluttering weekend, but decided to work on three trouble areas: The downstairs closet, the storage room, and the craft room. I"m thinking once those areas are dealt with, it will help with some of the living room/dining room clutter, and make the craft room/office easier to be in and use. Got my handy-dandy timer to help me out, and my iPod.

Other projects include cutting out sleeves for my blue dress, sewing those on, and finishing the hem; cutting skirt out of black linen & maybe putting it together; cutting out viking out of purple linen and starting on embroidery. Oh, and making up a form for A & S teachers/classes

Getting together with mOnkey on Sunday to talk about the Southwind stuff, and maybe going to JoAnn's and getting more white linen-ish stuff.

Yeah, think that's enough for the weekend. :)

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