Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ow... quit it w/a little TMI thrown in

Since I haven't been keeping much track of this kind of thing, figured I'd start now... having major cramping/pain in my left ovary area. Really annoying and hurts. Not sure if it's a cyst thing, or if it's me actually ovulating or trying to ovulate... sorta like uuuungh... uuunngh... can't. move. egg. Get out, damn egg... out.

Or it's just me being silly. ;)

Either way, must track and record these kind of things if I'm gonna be going natural soon. On a slightly random side note, the planned parenthood site is blocked at work. Not that I should be doing that kind of research at work, but still, odd.

The detoxiness is going pretty good... was down about a pound today. Also noticing that things are tasting a lot more intense. Like the coffee was good, but not quite what my body wanted. And the water at home (think the filter needs to be changed) and at work out of the machine taste all funky. Tea is good, though, and the eggy cheesy sammich this morning. NUM! Want another one, actually. *sigh*

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