Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Yep... so today's a holiday. Whee. I've actually gotten a lot accomplished this weekend - got the storage room mostly cleaned out and straightened, the downstairs closet cleaned out and just need to move some other stuff in there. The Craft room/office has been emptied mostly, and we got a new desk. Got rid of the old one - that was easy moving it down stairs and out to the back... but the new one, which was a gonga deal at a garage sale, and a fancy corner unit to boot, that was a pain in the leg, back, head and arms. OMG ow... pinched, poked, scraped and banged myself many times getting the parts up the stairs anda even more so putting it together. I coulda waited till Orion got home tonight, but wanted to get the computer back up and running. heh, and need to go back to the place I got the desk from and get the rest of the hardware. It's mostly stable right now, but not wanting to move it around too much.

Also got a lacing made for my dress for this weekend, and cut the sleeves out. And got the thread to do embroidery on another dress... which will keep me occupied at the Collegium, me thinks.

Now the decision needs to be made to stay home, and keep working on stuff - including coloring my hair, doing some sewing and cleaning that *really* needs toi be done - or go to my friends house for a get together both he & I forgot about. Erg... dunno. Get togethers are nice, but already feeling totally pooped. Thing that worries me is that I've been getting awful tummy issues in teh afternoon/evening, and really not wanting to me somewhere that I can get comfy. Also been totally wiped out at the end of the day.

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