Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Executive Brat Decisons.

I, Vercua Vulgarus, the Inner Brat of this Cheeky mOnkey, am making a decree that today shall be F--- All Y'All Day... (This goes along with Chicken Salad Sammich Day, cuz, well, we like CSSD)

There will be no recording of what's eaten, there will be no guilt placed for not exercising, pleasure will be taken in our sloth and we shall be restful to recharge those internal and spiritual batteries. It may mean reading trashy fan-fics, watching cheesy shows, or watching a Lifetime/Hallmark movie to get the waterworks flowing.

Today we thow ourselves a nice little pity party, complete with confetti, streamers & balloons, for tomorrow is a new day to get over ourselves and move on.

As I have spoken, let it be done.