Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's a Tu-Monday...

Had a great weekend with my honey celebrating our 1 year anniversary - amazing to me that it's going so well, when, for either of us, by this point we've already been broken up with someone, or about ready to... just keeps getting better every day. I took yesterday off from work and needed it in many ways. Mainly it was because of the appointment with D. The Naturopath in the afternoon, but also to spend more time with the Honey and get one more day of sleeping/relaxing. Was interesting - I didn't necessarily sleep in a lot later than usual, but because I didn't have to get up at a set time and/or rush around, I woke up on my own and felt more rested as a result.

Was very helpful talking with D., though. While I kind of wanted to leave there with a nice, formal plan of 'take this, eat that, don't eat that other thing', I didn't. But we did get more physiological information on what's going on in our bodies... Honey & I both are being treated for similar things, although the reproductive issues are all mine... he can't have 'em. ::giggle:: We did get from her 2 detox things - one for the liver, and one as an overall cleanser. We started one last night, and then took the other this morning and it's probably all psychosomatic, but I seriously feel like it's started working - kind of having a body purging stuff/slightly achey/flu-ish feeling, coupled with the craving to eat fruits & veggies. Yes, the heat has something to do with it, I don't want anything too heavy to eat, but the brain's been going there before 'ooh chocolate!' Like bad stuff is getting cleared out and the body is recognizing what it needs. - turns out the Honey's going through the same thing.

I'll have to keep track of how things go day to day. I'm glad it's a fairly gentle cleansing, as thats a healthier way of doing it - ridding the body of the excess instead of everything - but it's interesting since I haven't done something like this before. Need to get better vitamins, too.

Also starting with one problem first, then addressing the other ones: Adrenal/thyroid issues first while getting off the antidepressants, belly stuff after that, then reproductive things last. It's a journey instead of a quick stop - I need to remember that - but want to feel better now, darn it.

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