Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bestest laid plans

Well...the visit to the doctors didn't go quite as planned. Instead of getting my IUD out, it may end up being a lot more complicated than I planned. Turns out the string either fell off the device, or was trimmed a little *too* short and decided to hide inside me somewhere.


I get to go in for an ultrasound in couple weeks and then talk with the doctor the week after that about my options... basically it sounds like the options are a 'fishing for IUD' expedition, or, worst case, surgery.

Well... poo.

The debate now is, if it's surgical, do I have them tie my tubes in the process... or do I have them tied regardless? The purpose of the removal was to get my body functioning again on it's own, and know when the proper time to use the progesterone cream is to offset the estrogen in my system. Either way I'll have to track ovulation, but it wouldn't be as... crucial... to do so. So... yeah... not sure what to do.

Also had a good chuckle with the NP trying to explaining how easy it is to do FAM/NFP... just chart your cycles and you ovulate around day 14 so just use protection then... Had to bite my tongue cuz Veruca wanted to ask her if she knew what they called women who use that method? Mothers. Sorry, the only 'rythmn' method that works is 'slow, slow, faster faster oooooh yeah'. :P


ETA: I keep pondering the 'to tie or not to tie' debate, but realized it's bigger than that and it goes back to what I"m going through health wise. If I'm going to be healthy and actually take charge/control of my health, then I need to work at it. It's not always going to be easy, it's not going to give me instant results, and it will require work, but it will be, in the long run, much more worth while and rewarding because I will be healthy and in touch with my body.

I think that the most daunting task with this is the work, and my self confidence about the work. I mean, if i miss a supplement one day, it's not that big of a deal, but if I miss a day of charting/observing/whatever, then it could have bigger consequences. But then again, I'll still have to chart/observe to know when to use the, since the estrogen dominance will most likely still be a problem either way.

I guess I've made my mind up to stick with the FAM plan... gonna run to B & N to pick up a book and start reading it. And at least now I have a little bit more time to learn and be comfortable with the decision.

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